ESC™ Verification Process (How we verify new clients and why it is required)

What does the verification process entail?

All clients must verify that they agree or disagree to our Terms of Conditions (ToS) as well as Prove they are an Adult 🔞 ! This is very important we do not and will not cater to under aged KIDS!

For new clients to complete the verification process you may contact us at to obtain a downloadable copy of our verification process ToS form or simply click here. We then request the client to print out the provided downloadable copy of our our ToS form, Inital beside each term which shows you have read and understand each term. Then Sign and date and write “I agree to the above terms” or “I dissagree to the above terms”. The new client is to then scan the initialed, signed etc. ToS form or take a clear visable picture and email it back to us. We will then need to verify you signature and age by having the new client take a clear picture of his/her ID card. Now, you may cover up you photo and some other info. What we need to see is your DATE of BIRTH, YOUR SIGNATURE and YOUR NAME. This way we can verify the ID of the person that signed our ToS is indeed the new client (you). Then attach Your ID picture (clear) in the same email. If we’re satisfied then your verified.

Please Note: Once your finished and have cleared our verification process please ensure your payment comes from and/or your billing info is the SAME NAME as the name you verified with.

Why Am I Required To Complete This Verification Process?

Simple it’s not only Law (50k fine just for catering to someone underage) but because We want to see only safe and good research come from this! We want to see research done that may help fix a GABA damaged generation as well as keep the public safe. Catering to anyone that is not an adult, drug addicts or people that are pressing fake Xanax bars is not our thing and if we find out any of there activities are taking place the client will be 100% blacklisted as the above behavior goes against our cause. “CURE A NATION OF GABA SUFFERING PEOPLE and HARM REDUCE”

What is done with my information? Do you share it?

We absoulty do not share ANY of your information to ANYONE EVER! We put your information on an SD card which is encrypted. The ONLY TIME we reserve the right to use your information is if you were underage and deceived us and you try or anyone else tries to sue us on your behalf. Otherwise your information is kept 100% secure and private! GUARANTEED!!