Terms of Service ESC™

Terms of Service
Please read and ensure you fully understand the following Terms of Service

The following is very important! Please take the time to read and fully understand our terms and conditions of services. By purchasing anything from ESC™ you are automatically bound by and agree to the terms and conditions outlined below. After you pass our verification system.

• All compounds offered by ESC™ are strictly for research only. If you purchase from us, you are believed to be a researcher or in the scientific field of some sort. If you are not we did not know this and will be considered to have deceived us.
• All compounds offered by ESC™ are ment for non-ingestion research. Furthermore you fully understand and agree that you will not test our products on animals in any way shape or form!
• ESC™ is not meant to be a replacement for professional medical advice. Only your legal medical practitioner, doctor etc. Would truly be capable of providing such advice. You agree and fully understand this.
• ESC™ is not responsible for third-party sales.
• ESC™ is not liable for any problems, legal or otherwise that may arise from the purchasing, handling and/or misuse of our products. Handle Etizolam and any other products offered by ESC™ at your own risk.
• You also agree that you are 19+ years of age or older. 🔞 very strict rule 🔞
• All content on this site is copyrighted. No one is allowed to copy or redistribute any content within this site, including our ESC™ logo, without the sole consent and permission of the owner of ESC.
• We reserve the right to block any IP from accessing our site and/or delete any account with us if we feel you have breached our terms and conditions! Or did not pass our verification process
• By purchasing any product from us at ESC™ you automatically agree and will be bounded by the above terms and conditions.
Please ensure you fully understand and agree to abide by the above TOS. This is a binding contract between ESC™ and the client (yourself).