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**IMPORTANT** you should sign-up to our site using your normal gmail, live, outlook, etc. Account so you recieve the sites auto-generated emails. If you ARE NOT receiving the site’s auto-generated emails (like the temporary auto-generated password) when you sign-up a new user account or reset your password, etc. We recommend that you PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER, promotion folder or simply click “all mail”. If you do to find any emails from the ESC™ site please ensure you mark them “not spam” or send them to your “inbox” to place message(s) in your inbox. If you are still having issues receiving the auto-generated password or password reset please don’t hesitate to email us at and we will manually reset it for you.

Please Note: You may have to do this more than once but they will start landing in your inbox.

It has also become apparent to us that some clients are confused what we use protonmail for. Protonmail is for direct communications with us. Due to the fact that we are unsure how well protonmail interacts with the site’s auto-generated emails when you make a new user account it may be better to use your gmail, live, yahoo, etc account. Then make a protonmail account, preferably similar to the name of the email you signed up to the site with and contact us with your order # (so we know it’s you) from your new protonmail account to recieve tracking information, inquiries, etc.

To sum it up sign up TO THE SITE with a standard email account then make your encrypted protonmail account to communicate with us. If you do sign up TO THE SITE with a protonmail account it is possible you may not recieve any auto generated emails from the site, including order confirmations and password resets (however they may work with protonmail account so be sure check your spam folder as the auto-generated emails may land there. If they are landing in your spam ensure to mark it as “inbox”). Protonmail is meant as a secondary account you should use strictly for comunications. We appoligize if this is confusing. If your having any issues contact us at



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