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ESC™ Phenibut HCL Launched

Phenbiut hcl (1-P-GABA) is now officially launched 😉

We at ESC™ are very happy to announce that we have sourced some very high “Russian grade” quality 1-P-GABA aka: Phenibut. There is alot of wholesale Phenibut on the international market most are scams and some are just poor quality racematic mixtures of S-isomer and R-isomer the S-isomer being inactive. Our Phenibut is very high quality and we believe it to be mostly (if not completly) R-isomer. We paied alot to get the real quality so we hope our clients can appreciate that we choose quality over quantity and that we stand by our saying “you get what you pay for”. We are one of the very few if not only vendor in Canada that stocks Phenibut.

Although we do not promote any of our compounds for ingestion Phenibut has been given the “green light” and is FDA approved for ingestion. However Phenibut can be addictive so if you do ingest it we do not suggest you take it for more than 10 days in a row as that is the point where tolerance will rise and dependence for the compound will begin. Phenibut’s effects are said to produce effects simaler to those of benzodiazepines, GHB, lyrica, and alochol. With dosages ranging from 250mg to 1000mg. Phenibut has a long Half-Life therefore it may be very beneficial in treating alcoholism or aiding in stabilizing the GABA centers of a person that may be damaged from long term benzodiazepine “treatment”.

Originally GABA supplement could and can still be bought at almost any health supplement store but is fairly useless as GABA breaks down at the blood-brain barrier as it tries to cross it and bind to the GABA recptors. About 1% of the total amount of the compound ingested will bind to your GABA receptor sites. The simple addition of a pyenthyl group to the beginning of the GABA structure fixed that issue and allows the compound to cross the blood-brain barrier and easily bind to the GABA receptor. Mainly GABAb sub type.

This compound will treat generlized /social anxeity disorders as well as reduce the amount of panic attacks a person with these issues may take. With the added benefits of treating symptoms of fibromyalgia since it is classified as a “gabapentonid”. This is a promising compound to research and we want to see our fellow researchers study this compound and gather even more information on it. Following this is a quick write-up about Phenibut and what it’s about…

Phenibut (1-p-GABA) write-up

What is Phenibut?
β-Phenyl-γ-aminobutyric acid, better known as “Phenibut” is a direct analogue of the naturally occurring neurotransmitter γ-aminobutyric acid, also known as GABA, a vital monoamine transmitter produced by our own bodies. Phenibut is a syntheticaromatic amino acid. It is a chiral molecule and thus has two potential configurations, as (R)- and (S)-enantiomers; generally, for medicinal purposes, the R-isomer is preferred due to it’s higher affinity too relevant binding sites. GABA is responsible for protecting neurons from toxicity, over-excitement, and regulating the central nervous system. Phenibut, which acts on specific GABA-B binding sites has a recent medical history in successfully treating a host of problematic health issues such as mood disorders, seizure disorders, and has even shown it’s ability too treat physical dependence on other gabaergic substances such as alcohol and benzodiazpenes.

Neurochemistry and Pharmacology
On a neurochemical level, phenibut acts by up-regulating the presence of GABA, which is then sent too GABA-B receptors at 85 known binding sites, where they are agonized, providing neuroprotective properties, and regulation of vital nervous system functions that certain patients may struggle too naturally ordinate. While little conclusive evidence exists too substantiate this claim, it appears treatment of certain disorders using this potential medicine would not require the patient take it daily, suggesting a long, gentle half-life of metabolites and their utilization. When cessation of the substance is being considered, it is remarkably safer too discontinue than it’s chemical cousins such as benzodiazpenes, alcohol, or GHB.

As previously mentioned, Phenibut is a syntheticaromatic amino acid. This makes it a direct analogue of the neurotransmiter GABA itself, again, being a chiral molecule it has two potential configurations, as (R)- and (S)-enantiomers. The only difference between phenibut as a compound and the naturally occuring monoamine transmitter GABA, is a a phenyl ring substituted in at the β-position. This simply allows it too pass the blood brain barrier, unlike GABA in it’s pure form.
Potential for addiction and dependence
It’s potential for addiction is the same as anything in this world; providing a subtle and well-tolerated binding profile, the likelihood of addiction is present, but not of high risk. Physical dependence seems too only occur in those who abuse the compound heavily and frequently, well beyond the prescribed amount in the countries it is currently medicinally recognized. However, even in the case of physical dependence, symptomatic excitotoxicity and the down-regulation of GABA is significantly less impactful than that of it’s chemical cousins, and is generally well tolerated, especially when using taperage methods too discontinue use. It is not known too cause neuron-death, or damage too GABA receptors. It’s toxicology profile is very mild, and generally only problematic in it’s hydrochloride salt form. It may cause irritation too the digestive tract due too hydrochloric acid’s natural caustic properties, and is therefore rarely used to begin with. There is no known LD-50 (lethal dose) associated with Phenibut.

Phenibut as an alternative too benzodiazpenes?
Ultimately, as a treatment for mood and seizure disorders, addictions, and many other neurotoxic medical conditions, Phenibut shows remarkably safer, more effective, and less abusable properties than the standard benzodiazpenes that the medical system has come too rely on. Covered in this short writeup exists plenty of explanations as too why one might consider prescribing this medication over something such as clonazepam, diazepam, or any other sedative-hypnotic that can cause the death of vital neurotransmitter receptors, gruesome and unmanageable withdrawal symptoms, and loss of mood regulation. It is up to us as researchers too provide analytical data for review, so that one day Health Canada may recognize this as a potential medicine to go under clinical trials.

You may find our Phenibut HCL by going to our store or simply click here to be taken directly to the category—–>

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ESC™ Is Back!

We had a hard few months but we’re back! Seems some brazen guy thought he could trick his way into our site. He demolished not only all of our content but our awsome 5 star ratings and product reviews that were 100% making it to the top of the search engine! Our guess? Someone wanted to kill off our reputation and hoped it would boost their sales and cause us to drop off. Well we did lose some google and other search engine analytics. However, we will never fall easily. Every single one of our beloved clients know we are #1 and we have the highest possible quality. All of our beloved clients also know we are zero bullshit! What we state about our products is 100% fact. If we say our Etizolam is 99.6%> pure and untainted. We 100% mean that, guranteed! Our loyal clients all know that no matter how hard the competition tries to damage us they can NEVER damage our product quality or our customer service and our gurantees which 100% speaks for itself.

Maybe your asking yourself “As a client of ESC™ Is there anything I can do to help?” Yes, of course, 100% there is a way our beloved clients can help! We would be very greatful of clients signing into their accounts and honestly star rate our products (that you purchused) as well as leave an honest review. All of us at ESC™ would be very greatful of each and ever client who took 5 minutes or less out of their day to do that for us. The product reviews and star ratings help more than you may know.

We have made some changes to our way of doing business, mainly our Verification process. This is due to children/underager and fakes (working for competition) trying to become clients. As well as because of the fact there are other “bad vendors” and street dealears giving Etizolam a bad name thus causing media articles which is drawing unwanted attention to the compound. So now, because of this, we at ESC™ have to be extra careful. We sincerly appoligize if this may be a pain for some clients but it is necessary for our liabilities as well as being in the best interests of client/public safety also the research industry as a whole. We want this compound research to help people, harm reduce and aid in the discovery of compounds that may be superior to classic medications on the market today not contribute to the downfall of the compound and public safety/health.