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We are excited to announce that we now carry 3-FPM HCL 😉 it is very high quality and our prices are very competitive. Also don’t forget that we have Phenibut HCL available as well, Phenibut is FDA approved (although we don’t promote ingestion of even FDA approved compounds) and is 1-phenyl-GABA. GABA is the natural receptor we have in our brains that controls our anxiety, sociability, relaxation and so much more. Phenibut HCL may have the pontenital to help cure an alcoholic or an benzodiazepine addicted person. It could also help regulate damaged GABA receptors. We need more research done on compounds like Phenibut and Etizolam to help us find a cure for the damage benzodiazepines and alcohol has done to many many people in our society. So many have been prescribed benzodiazepines for a long period of time then removed from them which leaves the patient a mess and they end up with many symptoms that get misdiagnosed as other issues when the issue may be damaged GABA receptors.

As a show of appreciation to our beloved clients we are happy to announce that ANY ORDER adding up $99.99 or more gets free 2-3 day xpresspost shipping with tracking! so if your order is $99.99 or above be sure to choose the “Free xpresspost” shipping option upon checkout! 😉

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