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Your SAFE and TRUSTED (no bs) 100% domestic (Canadian) source for TRUE researchable grade compounds. Such as Etizolam and 3-FPM! Quality Guranteed!

Sick and tired of being let down by other retailers with subpar product or just getting right out scammed? Well your in good hands with us! Some may feel We are a bit finiky to deal with (ie: Verification process and required protonmail communications) but it’s a small trade off for knowing your getting the real product and Etizolam Solutions Canada™ quality control gurantee. Your analytics will show time and time again our products never change quality. We are the guys everyone comes to after they are tired of the scams and low quality/tainted product. We offer this gurantee to our beloved clients. We care about their safety and research. Our beloved clients can’t research bad product (Something you will never see come from ESC™).

If you are verified with us then you may shop and purchuse anytime. The products we are stocking right now are our top quality Etizolam solutions (freshly compounded in Propylene glycol). Our 99.6%> Raw Powder Etizolam. The highest quality “R-isomer” (Russian grade) Phenibut HCL (1-P-GABA) powder on the Canadian market (99.99% pure) and newest in stock 3-FPM HCL (Very high researchable grade quality).

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**Attention** We are working hard on the site and is in working order however changes will be made over time to improve the site. Our beloved original clients can now sign back in using their old accounts. If you have any issues or need us to aid you in anything please don’t hesitate to contact us at support-esc@protonmail.com and we will assist you in any way we can. Please ensure you contact us with a protonmail or other encrypted email service or your email will be ignored.

Please Note: While we prefer protonmail for communications with clients. It is best to sign up to the site using your gmail, live, yahoo, etc, account to ensure you recieve the “auto generated” passwords, order confirmations, etc. emails upon signup (protonmail is picky with automated emails, but for good reason 😉) then simply make your protonmail account for contact and further communications with us. We appoligize if this is a tad confusing. If you have any questions feel free to contact us (using a protonmail account) at Support-esc@protonmail.com


Please ensure you read our “Verification Process” as all clients are required to be verfied with us prior ordering. YOU WILL ONLY HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE “VERIFICATION PROCESS” ONCE. once verified you will never have to do the process again.

ESC™ Who We Are

We are a small compounding and research lab located in Canada. We are dedicated to providing only the safest and highest quality research and developmental compounds to true researchers, chemists, and educated enthusiast, guranteed!

About our Products

All of our products are third party tested and are the highest grade you can find as well as 100% not tainted! Unlike some other companies who make many “claims” but the claims are unfounded and then your research suffers along with your pocket book. With our products you get a QUALITLY CONTROL GURANTEE. Other competitors may have the same products but you have to remember that for the FDA to take any of your research findings (you present to them) seriously you must first have access to research compounds which are higher than pharmaceutical grade quality (99.2%). We provide you with that required quality, guaranteed! All of the compounds we provide are third party proven to be of REASEARCHABLE quality! Which will be very clear when you run your personal anaylitics on any of our compounds, guaranteed. No “smoke and mirrors” just high quality compounds when you work with ESC™

Please see the Store for our product listings and pricing.

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**Attention** Any and all orders exceeding a total of $99.99 will trigger a “free tracked 2-3 xpresspost” shipping option. Be sure you don’t miss out on this discount and choose it if your order is $99.99 or more in total.

**IMPORTANT** once again, If you are a first time client you will have to go through a quick verification process. This is for yours, the public’s and our safety. We also require all clients to contact us with a protonmail account or your emails will be ignored. Its easy to make a protonmail account. All you have to do is download the protonmail app or go to protonmail.com and create an encrypted email. Then you may contact us. Only once you’ve been verified will your money be accepted and order set to processing.

It is very important that any and every client understands our “Terms of Service” (TOS) prior to proceeding! Once you have passed our “verification process”. Please know that you will not be able to complete your checkout unless you you have first passed our Verification process and agreed to our Terms of Service. It is also very important to understand that we are an 100% Canadian domestic vendor. We do not cater outside of Canada. No exceptions.

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